FAM’s Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships Highlights

March 18, 2019

FAM’s Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships Highlights

As commentator Sal Makkela described it, this year’s event hit us with ‘300 runs of awesome’! Riders from around the world came together in Vail to rip up the mountain with mind-blowing jumps and tricks. This snowboarding event has been around since 1982, probably before most of this year’s competitors could even walk let alone stomp out a switch backside 900.


Riders rocked up to battle it out for the prestigious slopestyle and halfpipe titles. Here at FAM, we watched all the action and slopestyle wasn’t just a contest title to us as we checked out the riders’ gear as well as their gumption.


Here are our fashion and run highlights:


  • Camo seemed to be a recurring theme after it rocked up on the catwalks again in 2018. Though many riders opted for straight-up black from top to bottom, it was cool to see some riders mixing it up with camo and bright colours. Hailey Langland gets props from FAM for stepping up in the style-stakes and not just playing it safe. Pink camo may not be your thing but Hailey gets our vote when it comes to looking freakin’ cool.

  • It was awesome to see Brock Crouch competing again after his awful accident last year and looking totally rad in that yellow jacket.

  • What you wear doing winter sports should make you feel like a winner. Men’s halfpipe winner, Australian rider Scotty James, wears red mitts on his final runs. Given that this was his 6th consecutive competition win, we should totally all get something similar. We reckon FAM’s signature beanie should be your lucky charm.

  • We are serious fans of freestyle boarding and so our favourite run has to be the winning Clif Bar Best Line backcountry run by Rene Rinnekangas (the Finnish rider also known as ‘Renergy’). The filming was on point and he completely nailed every jump. To watch the full run follow this link to the video on Burton’s YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhjyPANDdQQ


Brain Buckets off to all the winners! The US Open was an adrenaline-fueled few days of incredible freestyle snowboarding. At FAM we’ll take whatever snowboarding we can get but our absolute fave is catching all you park rats out there doing phat tricks and jumps in your local parks. Check out our film journal and our videos of some rascal riders. Any jibbers out there, connect with us on Insta so we can see your kodak courage!

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