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March 07, 2018

FAM Clothing Matthias Krallinger

Slopestyle; Halfpipe; Alpine Skiing Combined:

Matthias is an Austrian born skier who has been killing it this season! You will always see him smiling on the mountain which reflects his love for the sport and the people around him. 

Constantly pushing the boundaries and innovating park style, this guy is one to watch and we are super pumped to be apart of his journey!

Read below to learn a bit more about the man behind the long locks!


How is your season going?

So far, it is pretty nice, had some sick Park days already and now I'm enjoying some deep snow in the land of the rising sun Japan.


How did you get into skiing?

Well, I am living in the middle of the Austrian Alps so i got into skiing because of that, started when I was two and a half year's old.


Where is the naughtiest place to ride? 

Absolut Park for sure !!! Best home mountain to ask for, Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn is also one of my fav places.


Backcountry or street riding, what do you prefer?

Well actually Park but if I have to choose on of these two I'd say backcountry ! Austria is not quite the land for street skiing


What beats do you ride to?

It's so different, one day trap, one day rock - its how I feel, but mostly some Migos, or asap sound I'd say


What’s your favorite FAM product for 17/18?

I'd say the SHACKET Khaki and the panelled Anorak are one of my favorites, but i am stoked on the whole collection and I've seen next years stuff and dude, thats whatsup !!!
Product in Image:
LS Panelled T - https://www.famclothing.co.uk/collections/frontpage/products/panelled-t-l-s-grey

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