Welcome to the FAM Brolin Mawejje!

March 16, 2018

Welcome to the FAM Brolin Mawejje!

Slopestyle; Halfpipe; Snowboarding:

An infectious personality on and off his board, Brolin brings his game every single time he drops in.

Passion cannot be bought, sold, reproduced or faked. Brolin comes at snowboarding the same way that we do. He brings everything to the game that we hold dear as a Brand, he epitomises Peak to Street and we are pumped to welcome him to the FAM.

Brolin, the star of Far From Home, hopes to become the first Olympic snowboarder from Uganda, a country that has no snow. If you know Brolin and his story, then you will know that anything is possible.

We caught up with Brolin recently, a difficult thing to do between snowboarding, studies and his charity work. We wanted to know more about the man and where his passion for snowboarding started.

How did you get into snowboarding?

I got into snowboarding after moving to Boston, Massachusetts through an after-school program that was offered. I was able to meet some friends who ended up pushing me, and my love for the sport. I quickly felt apart of a community and I have never looked back ever since. 

What is your favourite thing about snowboarding?

My favorite thing about snowboarding is the escape it gives me. Every day on the snow is like therapy - it clears my head of everything. I also love snowboarding because I get to hang with some of the coolest people I know and push each other to get better. 

Where is the naughtiest place to ride? Who are you riding with?

I love riding Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming. It is my home mountain and one of the best mountains in the world. I get to ride with some of the best snowboarders in the world there and the terrain challenges me to be a better rider no matter how much I ride it. I spend most of the time riding around the resort with my friends and family.

Park, Powder or Street riding, what do you prefer?

I love park - I am a slopestyle rider so I like getting after the rails and jumps at any mountain. Powder is great, especially in Jackson. Waking up early on pow days, hitting the mountain with my brothers and all day white rooms are my favorite memories. 

What are you listening to when you ride? 

I listen to various music when I ride, depending on the mood I am in. I like to listen to Rap and Hip-Hop most of the time, especially when riding park.  

How would you describe your style and what do you like to ride in?

I would describe my style as free and mellow, I like to paint a picture of my personality when I ride. It helps to have the tricks mastered, and then I can put my own steeze onto them

What’s your favorite FAM product for 17/18? 

My favorite products are the Panelled Anorak and the Down Shirt. 

Go check Brolin's instagram: thabyron_ma for more FAM collabs and naughty riding.

Product Image:

FAM Panelled Anorak - https://www.famclothing.co.uk/collections/anoraks/products/panelled-anorak-blue

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