Welcome to the FAM John Ware!

February 12, 2018

Welcome to the FAM John Ware!

Slopestyle; Halfpipe; Alpine Skiing Combined:

This man doesn’t really need any intros, but here goes…an infectious personality on and off his skis, John brings his A game every time he drops in. He’s a local to Portland, Oregon, growing up with Mount Hood in his backyard.

With some mad street game, coupled with his backcountry riding, John epitomises that Peak to Street vibe, and we are exited to be able to welcome him to the FAM.

We caught up with John recently to chat about how it all started.


How is your season going?

What up Fam! This season is going good! Temps have been somewhat warm around Oregon but I had an all time trip to Montana and am headed back north very soon.


How did you get into skiing?

My mom and dad grew up skiing and were ski bums in their day. As soon as I could walk they had me out on the mountain. I really liked the freedom and creativity skiing provided so I never looked back. Mom and Dad can still keep up too! I always watched ski movies and guys like Pep, Tanner and Candide kept the fire lit.


Where is the naughtiest place to ride?

I usually keep it in the bedroom…. Haha but my favorite place to ski has to be the backcountry around Whistler. The sled access is insane and when the sun comes out in the spring, the terrain is endless.


Backcountry or street riding, what do you prefer?

These days I am more into the backcountry. I spent years in the terrain park and the streets, and now I’m focusing more on taking the same mentality but using it on natural terrain. Plus snowmobiling is too much fun.


What beats do you ride to?

Hip Hop, Reggae. Im stuck in the 90s.


What’s your favorite FAM product for 17/18?

I really like the Shacket. Super durable jacket for the streets.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/johnware

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDQhtS2s3t0

Product in Image: https://www.famclothing.co.uk/collections/shirts/products/shacket-khaki 


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