Welcome to the FAM Zenja Potapov!

March 24, 2018

Welcome to the FAM Zenja Potapov!

Slopestyle; Halfpipe:

We met Zenja on our first ever shoot in Sweden so it is easy for us to say that Zenja truly forms part of our identity and is equally part of our short history.

Zenja is an urban master, if you find yourself on a freezing night in Sweden or Finland, chances are you will run into this man. Zenja straight up handles street terrain in those parts. Zenja brings everything to the game that we hold dear as a Brand, he really is the perfect Peak to Street rider and we are pumped to have him in the FAM!

We caught up with Zenja recently to get to know more about the man and where his passion for snowboarding started.

How is your season going?

Better then before I would say, I have been filming street in Helsinki for almost a month witch is really sick. I haven’t been snowboarding there for almost 6 seasons, so it was an experience to be in such a legendary place for street snowboarding.

How did you get into snowboarding?

I remember when I was 10; I got hyped by some sick backcountry edit on YouTube, from then on I would just dream about having my own snowboard. When I turned 13 I started to work as a newspaper seller and finally bought a snowboard and I’ve just been snowboarding everyday since then. I’m so happy that I started snowboarding as it has changed my life completely. These days, I don’t think about anything else but snowboarding or skateboarding.

Where is the naughtiest place to ride? 

I would say my local slope in Kiruna and Levi Southpark in Finland.

Backcountry or street riding, what do you prefer?

Good question, I prefer street of course but I would like to start riding backcountry as well.

What beats do you ride to?

Kind of different, it depends pretty much on the mood. I love punk rock, old school rap and new school. 

What’s your favorite FAM product for 17/18?

The panelled anorak jacket is one of my favorites, love the color. Its really light witch is very comfortable to shred with.

Go check Zenja's instagram: zenjapotapov for more FAM collabs and naughty riding.

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